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SAC Mk.46 SAW ver 1.50 update!

Posted in Uncategorized on 03/08/2016 by SAC.

SAC Mk.46 SAW has been updated, ver 1.50

All Animations has been renewed!



and new Promotion Movie!

SAC Mk.46 SAW Ver1.50 Update Preview v1.10 (Second Life Machinima)


have fun!


SAC M4A1 SOPMOD Ver 1.50 Update!

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SAC M4A1 SOPMOD has been updated, ver 1.50

its minor, but important updates, carry handle, upper receiver, rail handoguard, flash hider, and drum magazine has been renewed for reduce script memory, to make more options on it, “life extension”.

parts looks is more realistic and detailed, especially RAS handguard!


that means, you can get more updates in future^^