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SAC M870 Tactical Shotgun has been released!!

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SAC M870 Express Tactical Shotgun has been released!


variety of option parts makes your shooting style.

SAC_M870Tac_Poster_V1_06 SAC_M870Tac_Poster_V1_04 SAC_M870Tac_Poster_V1_03 SAC_M870Tac_Poster_V1_02SAC_M870Tac_Poster_V1_07 SAC_M870Tac_Poster_V1_09SAC_M870Tac_Poster_V1_08

sword-off stock!

SAC_M870_Pre_11 SAC_M870_Pre_14 SAC_M870_Pre_13 SAC_M870_Pre_12