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SAC M4A1 SOPMOD has been updated!!

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SAC Rifles has been updated!

M4A1 SOPMOD LLCS(1.33 -> 1.40)

M4A1 SOPMOD VICE(1.33 -> 1.40) update soon!

many part has been updated, check notecard or SL MarketPlace.


M4A1_Poster_V14_01M4A1_Poster_V14_08  M4A1_Poster_V14_03 M4A1_Poster_V14_07 M4A1_Poster_V14_21 M4A1_Poster_V14_23 M4A1_Poster_V14_22

in-world pictures, all poses, projection flashlights and fire effects is included.

M4_Scenes_01M4_Scenes_04  M4_Scenes_05 M4_Scenes_02M4_Scenes_03

and I forgot to post about the others…

SR-16 Series has been updated too

SR-16 CQB 1.40


replaced to more long HandGuard, with “Thumb Break Grip” stance animations

 SAC_SR16CQBv14_Poster_05 SAC_SR16CQBv14_Poster_04

we’re making new stuff!


do you know what is this gun?^^