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XM109 Payload Rifle – Released Now!!

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SAC(SSOC Armament Co.) Presents.画像

Now Available at SAC.(SSOC Armament CO.)Main Shop:

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25 x 59Bmm, Big Caliber


high-detailed Scope and Balistic Computer


SORS LCD Display, realtime indicate SORS On/Off and Target Distance


10 Position of Scope Mount


Bipod Open/Close by Avatar Stances(Stand/Kneel – Close, Prone – Open)



5 Colors valiation and 3 Textures


SAC XM109 Payload Rifle – version 1.0

XM109 Payload Rifle introduction movie

SAC Update Information

This item is set copy no mod no transfer

We don’t offer refunds on this item.


** Credits **

Director: Catty Hammerer(SAC, SSOC)

Build & Texture: Eripom Moonwall(SAC, SSOC), Ueponya

Scripts: Mayumi Hirano(SAC, MH+ ARMS)

Animations: Eripom Moonwall

XM109 Payload Rifle Advisor: Kurohige Steamer(SAC, Editor of Military DVD Magazine “GUNNER”)

>>> see more info of “GUNNER” at this URL below


** Features **

*Designed for any meters(LLCS, BNWCS, CCS, DCS/DCS2, ECS etc.) and VICE Combat System(Compatible).

*Detailed prim work. (see more images)

*Real size weapon. *Low lag scripting.

*Custom sounds. *Always keeps gun settings.

*Auto Update.

*Fully AO Controled(contains over 20 animations * 2 sizes)

*Dynamic kneeling.

*Dynamic reloading.

*Dynamic Ranging System:

– SORS(SAC Optical Ranging System)

*Optional Addons:

– Optical Sights(Telescopic, SORS)

– Cheek Pad on Upper Receiver

*adjustable scope mount positions.

*Unit LOGO setting: selectable some variety of unit logo, can also replace logo texture you wish.

*Selectable Texture(Stock Pad, Cheek Pad, Pistol Grip).

*Selectable 5 color variations(Default, FDE, OD, Tan, Grey)


** Specifications of SAC XM109 Payload Rifle **

– Caliber: LLCS Damage Bullet, VICE Combat System Bullet(Compatible)

– Trigger: Semi – Velocity: 175m/sec

– Reload Time : 3.5 seconds(Tactical) / 5.0 seconds(Full)

– Effects  : muzzleflash, muzzlesmoke, shell eject(bolt carrier moves), magazine drop

– Control  : work on both Dialogs menu / Chat command


**Update History**

v1.0 – initial release

Enjoy shooting~^^


SAC XM109 Payload Rifle – Coming Soon!

Posted in Barrett, New Release, Payload Rifle, XM109 on 11/04/2011 by SAC.

SAC New Product, XM109 is alomost done^^