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SAC MP5 A5 Navy Preview Movie!

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I proudly share Promotion Movie for SAC MP5!!

Have Fun!^^


SAC SR-25 APR has been released!!

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SAC(SSOC Armament Co.) Presents.SAC_SR25_Poster_V1_01

Now Available at SAC.(SSOC Armament CO.)Main Shop:

or SL MarketPlace:



M16 Type Fixed Stock


Harris Type Bipod


SAC SR-25 has 3 types of Camouflage, with 5 colors.

SAC_SR25_Poster_V1_05 SAC_SR25_Poster_V1_04SAC_SR25_Poster_V1_03

PVS-22 Type Night Vision


very simple, SR-25 is bigger than SR-16, and SR-25 has only SEMI Automatic mode.

SAC_SR25_Scenes_08 SAC_SR25_Scenes_07 SAC_SR25_Scenes_06 SAC_SR25_Scenes_05

you can choose Pull charging handle or Tap release button, to reloading.

SAC_SR25_Scenes_03 SAC_SR25_Scenes_01 SAC_SR25_Scenes_00

SR-25 has some customize option, to fit your avatar,



can you see the different? Scope Postion.

and also has unique animation system, from Normal hold stance


to Magwell hold stance, Real Time Transition by Gesture Command.


Offset BUIS stance, by Tap C Key.


and more options included.

We really hope you enjoy SR-25 in Second Life^^

SAC SR-25 ECC Model Preview…

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hi hi~^^

finaly our big updates has been ended, so I’m making another gun right now.

by the way, do you know about SR-25 ECC?

SAC_SR25_Pre06 SAC_SR25_Pre01 SAC_SR25_Pre02 SAC_SR25_Pre03 SAC_SR25_Pre04 SAC_SR25_Pre05

unveiled our PVS-22, and harris Bipod, New 7.62mm Magazines, pff^^

have a nice day~^^